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We take our social responsibility seriously, which is why we have chosen to sponsor a variety of charity organizations and local projects. Our sponsorships within sports is our way of contributing to a healthy and thriving local environment. Community sports is an excellent way of creating social relations in a local community and ensure children a healthy beginning in life. Below you can see some of those we have sponsored through the years.

Danske Hospitalsklovne Danske Hospitalsklovne

Danske Hospitalsklovne are the consolation for many hospitalized children across Denmark.

#Baghjul #Baghjul

#Baghjul consists of six amateur riders collecting donations for " International Confederation of Childhood Cancer Parent Organisations / ICCCPO ". The riders have participated in several races i.a. the world's largest amateur race, La Marmotte.

H12 H12

For the second year in a row, we have sponsored two teams in the popular mountainbike race H12. The event takes place in the scenic landscape close to our visiting address.

Stine Holm Stine Holm

Stine Holm is a talented handball player for Lyngby HK and the junior national team.

Lundtofte Boldklub Lundtofte Boldklub

Forældreforeningen Lundtofte Boldklub is the drive behind the club and are responsible for social events.